New cricket laws explained by video

  • March 20, 2018
  • Ian Lamont

We have received the following message from the ECB, linking to videos which explain the law changes to cricket that came into place last October and how they apply to adult levels of cricket that have official umpires, players taking turns umpiring and revisions to junior regulations, too.

Please watch the video and see the new laws for no balls - which has changed to allowing only one bounce only before the popping crease - and other changes. There is also an online tool to explain "unfair play" and "player conduct" laws.

All players are invited to review the video ahead of the season.

In October 2017, MCC introduced 270 changes to the Laws of the game. In response, ECB’s Association of Cricket Officials has produced a couple of videos explaining the key changes. Please share these with your contacts. Click below to view the videos:





In addition to this, we have produced an online tool to better explain the introduction of Law 41 (Unfair Play) and Law 42 (Player Conduct). Find this tool on the same page by clicking here.


Always refer to your League and Competition regulations.