Do not use outdoor nets in winter

  • October 4, 2019
  • Ian Lamont

Members are kindly requested to note that, after the end of the season, the outdoor cricket nets at Merstham Cricket Club are not to be used for training over the winter.

Indoor nets will start up in January, for junior and senior members, and outdoor training will restart in April at the earliest.
Members are requested to stay out of the nets during the winter months. There is evidence they have been used since the sides were tied up - to indicate they are not in use - at the maintenance day last Saturday. Using the artificial surfaces in winter is not only dangerous as they are slippery, but hastens their wear and tear as they are not designed to be used at this time of year, and causes mess in the form of mud.
Between now and next April, there will be indoor nets starting in January.
Please respect your club, its equipment and the groundstaff who look after it, by refraining from using the outdoor nets in winter. Your co-operation is anticipated and appreciated.
Outdoor nets should only be used in summer - these have now closed for the winter