Announcing the death of Mark Wicks

  • June 8, 2021
  • Ian Lamont
Statement from Richard Feist, club chairman
It is with great regret that I need to let you all know of the sad passing of Mark Wicks.
Mark has been a great asset to the club over the past few years. He has pushed the girls and ladies section at the club, which has gone from strength to strength.
For those who don't know Mark, he was always to be seen on a Friday night first of all helping with coaching the now under 13 team and also the girls. He had a great reputation with the kids in both teams who could look up to him, not only in his height but because of the way he helped them and the way he treated them.
Mark Wicks
Secondly you would find Mark enjoying a well earnt drink (or five) in his corner of the patio. He would always be smiling, which with everything he has gone through is amazing.
I would like to thank Mark for teaching me to always live life to the full and be grateful for everything and to never stop pushing for what you want and to work hard.
Lastly I wish to thank him, from all of the juniors who he has helped and members he has made smile.
I wish the family the best and will keep working to make sure Mark's dream of a strong ladies/girls side at Merstham thrives and keeps him smiling.
Our thoughts are with Mark's family who we will still see at Merstham for hopefully years to come.
Richard Feist
Chairman, Merstham Cricket Club