With impact of the coronavirus pandemic making leaving us with an unknown amount of cricket being played in 2020, where do we stand on membership fees? The below questions and answers set out the clubs approach to membership fees this year.

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Why am I being asked to pay membership if we're not playing cricket?

As a club, the membership fee is an important source of income for us that helps us cover the overheads of running training sessions and, in conjuction with match fees, the hosting of over 150 cricket matches on our grounds.

Even if we don't host any cricket there are still a number of overheads that we have already paid for in preparation for the 2020 season that members have already directly, or indirectly, benefitted from, this includes:

  • Indoor nets at St Bedes
  • Indoor leagues over the winter for adults and some junior age groups
  • Insurance for the club
  • Utilities (gas, electricity, telephone, water rates)
  • Ground rent for Quality Street
  • Rental of The Ring
  • Fuel for machinery

Additionally, we had already spent money on the following prior to the Covid19 lockdown:

  • Maintenance and preparation of the squares at both Quality Street and The Ring.
  • Maintenance and repair of important equipment used to maintain the grounds.
  • Balls for the upcoming season.

We also continue to maintain the ground once a week and clean the pavilion on a regular basis.

Many members made use of the indoor nets at St Bedes and are now taking advantage of the outdoor nets at Quality Street being bookable for use in small groups.

If you did attend winter nets and do not believe you will take part in any cricket at all this year, but would still like to support the club, maybe consider making a voluntary donation as detailed below.

Did the club receive a government grant to help us through these times?  

Yes, we received a grants for both our locations and extremely grateful that these were made available to us.The grants will cover the expenditure we have so far incurred this year, however, looking at the bigger picture, we have the renovation of the pavilion at The Ring planned for the coming winter. This renovation is sadly driven by legalities in our lease meaning we have remove our current storage faciity at The Ring by February 2021.

One of the goals of the committee this season was to fund raise for these renovations by applying for grants from various sources in order to secure the estimated £30,000 necessary to complete this work.

Sadly, we were part way through applying for a number of grants when the pandemic hit us, at which point the various organisations we were dealing with closed the application processes until further notiice.

We are hoping that membership fees, along with the grants received from the government will allow us to continue planning and scheduling this renovation work should we not be able to secure additional funding from third parties at this time.

Will there be a discount this year?

No, as stated above, the membership fees are designed to cover the overheads of running the club. 

Recent announcements from the ECB are allowing us to open the facilities for training and coaching, and we will are aiming to provide as much cricket as possible for our members.

If you did attend winter nets and do not believe you will take part in any cricket at all this year, but would still like to support the club, maybe consider making a voluntary donation as detailed below.

Can I still pay by cash or cheque?

No. As you'll be aware the vast majority of supermarkets and other retailers have stopped accepting cash in order to go contactless to protect their staff and customers. As a club, we are following similar measures, no officer of the club will accept cash or cheque payments for membership. 

Members should register on the website (by clicking here) and choose one of the electronic payment methods, you can pay by Credit/Debit card, PayPal, bank transfer or by setting up Direct Debit installments.

I have already paid in full, but I'm not going to play cricket this year, can I get refund?

If you have genuine reasons for requiring a refund then we can certainly look at this. To apply for a refund please fill in a request using the subsidy form. We will not offer a full refund if you have already taken advantage of the winter nets or recently used the outdoor nets at Quality Street.

Refunds will be issued at our discretion and will be evaluated on a base by case basis. Full refunds will result in access to coaching and nets being withdrawn UNLESS you apply for hardship funding (see below).

I have paid the all-inclusive membership and match fees option, what is going to happen?

This option is available to adult and student members and is designed to cover membership fee and match fees and works out cheaper for those who play all 18 weekends of the league season plus friendlies in April and September.

As cricket is not being played then, yes, we will look to pro-rata the 'match fee' portion when the season restarts. There are only a small handful of members who pay this option and the treasurer will contact them individually when the we return to cricket to arrange the rebate.

If you have paid for this optiona and would prefer to convert to the 'pay as you go' match fee option now, then please use the subsidy form to request refund of the match fee portion.

I am paying by direct debit installments, can I just cancel the direct debit?

No, we prefer that you didn't. Cancelling a direct debit causes the treasuer a bit of an administrative headache so we prefer if you don't do this without discussing with us first.

If you wish to do cancel your direct debit, then please use the refund form to discuss and we will cancel future payments from the clubs end.

I have lost my job as a result of Coronavirus; can I get free membership this year?

We totally understand the economic effects of the pandemic and the impact it is having on people's lives. We know many people have suffered a loss of income or have been made redundant.

Merstham Cricket Club has always supported hardship cases, and a few years ago we formalised this with the introduction of the Hardship Fund to support people who are genuinelly struggling to make ends meet. We will absolutely find a way of supporting members in genuine need and giving them continued access to cricket.

We have allocated extra funding to the Hardship Fund this year to help people who are struggling and you can, again, apply for a subsidised membership fee using the subsidy form. We generally shy away from supporting you 100% so we will ask you what you can afford to pay. All funding is discretionary and assessed on individual merits. All details will be treated with the utmost confidence.

Can I make a donation to support the club?

Absolutely! Mertham Cricket Club has a JustGiving page available, you can donate any amount at any time, don't forget to tick the GiftAid box that allows to claim an additional 25% on top of your donation at no extra cost to yourself. You can donate here!

Donate with JustGiving

Alternatively, we are also crowdfunding for a defibrilator to be located at the club, The defibralotor would located on the outside of the Quality Street pavilion and would available to members of the public who would be directed to it by the emergancy services. We need £1000 to make this happen, please make your pledge here: https://www.spacehive.com/mersthamcricketclubde-fib