Our newly refurbished outdoor nets at Quality Street are free to use for members as part of your season's membership fee. No prior booking is required but please be respectful of other users. Non-members wishing to use the nets on occasion should contact a member of the Committee to enquire on availability.

They should only be used in good daylight and members should check they are safe to use before starting any practice, please report any damage or issues to a member of the committee immediately.

They are not be used during or after rain as the matting will be damaged, if in doubt please message a member of the committee to check if they can be safely used.


Training Times

Please contact a Junior Age Group Team Manager or Open Age Membership Representative if it's your first session.

Through the season times for organised team sessions will be as follows:


Monday & Tuesday




18h00 - 19h00   The Magics Disability Squad

18h00 - 20h00   Open Age Training & Nets (Juniors aged 13 and older are welcome)



10h00 - 11h30 Walking Cricket supported by Surrey Cricket Foundation (non-members welcome £2 per session inc. coffee after. Starts 18/05/23. Contact to book

18h30 - 20h00   Women's Training  & Nets



17h15 - 18h00   U6 & U7 age groups

17h15 - 18h15   U8, U9, U10 & U13 Girls age groups

18h15 - 19h15   U10 Girls, U11,U12,U13 & U14 age groups

19h15 - 20h15   U15, U16 and U17 Girls age groups


* Please view our website news and Twitter feed to be alerted of cancellations if you have not heard from your age group manager who should contact parents and guardians directly or via Spond. If in doubt please ask.