• Training will be on a Wednesday night for adults and attendance would be helpful. Those members who live away from the area should aim to attend, at least, once a month if possible.
  • Selection for league games is based purely on performance
  • Selection is the responsiblity of the selection committee and will be completed on Tuesday evening and published by Wednesday
  • Loyalty and commitment to the club will be looked at too when selecting sides for Sunday friendlies or midweek T20 games.
  • If a player is unhappy with selection they have the right to complain and this will be done to the Club Cricket Manager and it will be mediated by the Club Captain and/or Club Chairman.


Selection Committee

The selection committee consists of:

  • Club Cricket Manager
  • Club Captain
  • Team Captains
  • Vice Captains (only required if Captain not available)
  • Membership Secretary

The selection committee shall meet Tuesday evenings. The previous weekend’s matches will be discussed, as will the on-going individual & team performances. It is the responsibility of every player to ensure that his availability is known to the selection committee. 



  • Members should register their availability before Tuesday 7pm.
  • The club uses the Spond app to manage availability, members should join the Spond group. If players are unable to use the Spond app, they should liaise with team captains by phone or text to register their availability. Members who have not paid their membership fees will not be added to the Spond group.
  • If a member is unsure about their availability they should state they are available and will be dealt with as a dropout if they subsequently become unavailable.
  • If availability is not notified by Tuesday at 7pm, it will be assumed that the player is not available for selection.
  • Selection will be notified, via Spond, and published on the club website following the meeting, by Wednesday evening at the very latest.


Selection Principles

  • All teams will be picked on ability and performance to maximise the strength of each team whilst also ensuring the correct balance (number of batsmen, spinners, fast bowlers etc) of the team.
  • The selection committee is solely responsible for selection. The captains (or vice captains) are primarily responsible for selection decisions, any selection decision where captains (or vice captains) are not unanimous shall be mediated by the Club Cricket Manager, who will have the casting vote.
  • The 1st XI takes precedence over 2nd XI. The 2nd XI over 3rd XI. The 3rd XI over 4th XI.The 4th team over 5th Team.
  • Members who have not paid their membership fees or haven't paid their match fees the previous week will not be considered for selection. (Membership Secretary will have a list)


Selection is Final

  • Players must play in the team they have been selected for!
  • Any player who refuses to play for a specific team will no longer be eligible for selection. No refunds of membership fees paid will be given.
  • Any player changing their availability after Wednesday’s selection meeting must personally talk to their team captain ASAP.
  • Consistent offenders pulling out after making their availabilities known will be subject to the possibility of not being selected when next available.
  • Any player withdrawing from two consecutive games after having confirmed his availability shall not be eligible for selection for a minimum of one game. (extenuating circumstances will, of course, be considered)


Player Shortages

  • In the event of a team being short of players on the lead up or on match days itself the higher XI has the right to take a player from a lower XI providing the lower XI match hasn’t already started. 


Player Promotion/Demotions

  • Promotion and demotion of players from one team to the next must be based on performance or to ensure the correct balance of the team (number of batsmen, spinners, fast bowlers etc). The only exception to this is for disciplinary reasons.
  • A player should not be promoted or demoted by more than one team, unless availability demands it.
  • Players being dropped/promoted must be communicated before teams go out.


New Players

  • New players should not be considered for selection until a member of the selection committee has seen them at nets.
  • Any new player joining the club must start in the team that is one step below the standard the selection committee considers him capable of playing. Such players are subject to the same dropping & promoting of players rule above.
  • New players, joining after the start of season, will be given a 3 week grace period to pay their membership fees and will remain eligible for selection during this period. After the grace period the same “no pay, no play” rule will be enforced. They must, however, pay match fees.


Selection of Junior Players

  • Only members aged 13 and over are eligible for selection (as long as parents/guardian give consent during the registration process)
  • A list of junior players available for adult selection will be drawn up at the start of the season by the Junior Cricket Secretary and updated throughout the season. This information is to be shared with the Club Cricket Manager who in turn will share this with the rest of the selection committee. 
  • A regular dialogue needs to take place between the Junior Cricket Secretary and the Club Cricket Manager with regards to the junior players.
  • All parents must give written consent for their child to participate in men’s cricket.
  • Parents of junior players are asked not to approach captains before, during or after a game to question selection or decisions around batting & bowling orders in open age cricket. A parent wishing to discuss any aspect of their child’s involvement in open age cricket, needs to do so with the Junior Cricket Secretary and/or the Club Cricket Manager.


End of Season Selection

Towards the end of the season, possible achievements of teams may come apparent. At this time, team selection principles may alter to bolster teams that have a chance of promotion, where the rules of the league allow it but maintaining the spirit of the game.


Inclusivity & Fairness

Any senior member who is available for selection will be offered a game of cricket over the weekend. If not selected for Saturday the member will be given priority for Sunday games before offering other players a second game. 


Cancellations & Time Keeping

  • It is the players’ responsibility to establish whether a match has been called off due to weather.
  • Players selected will be notified by text or email via the website on Wednesday evening. Team sheets shall appear on the club web site, it is each player’s responsibility to check the website after Wednesday evening.
  • Players persistently arriving late for meet times shall be dropped. For the avoidance of doubt persistently means two weeks in a row, two weeks out of four, two weeks out of three or three weeks in total at any time.